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Feb 9 16

Heart-shaped SPAM Musubi

by Administrator
– Vegetable Oil
– 3/4 cup of steamed rice
– 1 teaspoon of teriyaki sauce
– 1 piece of SPAM (slice the larger way to fit your heart-shaped cookie cutter. We suggest 4 slices per can)
– Nori (dried seaweed)
1.  Cut SPAM into heart shape using a heart-shaped cookie cutter
2.  Heat pan with oil and lightly pan-fry SPAM
3.  Place rice into the cookie cutter (use it as a mold). Pack down the rice so it forms a solid piece.
4.  Put teriyaki sauce on top of the rice
5.  Place the heart shaped SPAM on top of the rice
6.  Take the nori sheet and cut it into 1 inch strips
7.  Wrap the heart shaped SPAM with the nori



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