L&L Hawaiian Barbecue

Shell-on shrimp fried with a savory butter and garlic sauce. Served with brown rice and tossed green salad.

I grew up eating plate lunch in Honolulu and love visiting L&L any chance I get. The food is a little slice of heaven for a local boy on the mainland. Super friendly staff and ono grindz.

Jon, New Hampshire

Excellent authentic Hawaiian food complete with plain rice and macaroni salad. Satisfies my craving whenever I get a chance.

Aaron, San Francisco

We eat at L & L at least 3 times a month. It is our favorite “date night” dining. The food is great and so are the folks who work there.

Karen, San Francisco

We come here once in a while every time we have a mood for Hawaiian food. The folks behind the counter are always nice and polite. Of course we will come back.

Steven, Hayward

I came in for my first time today at lunch. Full of flavor…that steamed BBQ right off the grill flavor. The woman at the front who took my order was super nice and helped me choose since I had never been there before. Hawaiian music playing overhead…full place. Each person looked very happy and very into what they were eating. I will definitely return.

Cheryl, San Diego



Nutrition Facts

237 cal
Calories from Fat
44.33 cal
Total Fat
5.07 g
Saturated Fat
1.187 g
351 mg
Total Carbohydrates
33.69 g
Dietary Fiber
2.6 g
0.8 g
14.89 g
Disclaimer: Information above details nutritional information for displayed menu item.