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2018 Calendar

With 2018 right around the corner, we present to you our 2018 L & L Calendar!  This year, we have a new design based off of the Chinese New Year animal…the dog!  The calendar features dogs in Hawai’i doing  variety of Hawai’i activities. If you have the calendar already, here is a little more detail as to what they are doing:

Dog: Dachsund
Activity: Fire Knife Dancing
Popular Spot(s): Polynesian Cultural Center

Fire knife dancing is a tradition that is rooted in the Samoan culture and is an exhibition of a warrior’s skill. It involves careful and swift maneuvering of a knife object that is lit on both ends. The result is a dance performance that is both dangerous an mesmerizing at the same time.

Dog: Beagle
Activity: Surfing
Popular Spot(s): Sunset Beach (Oahu), Waikiki Beach (Oahu), Hanalei Bay (Kaua’i)

The most recognized water sport in Hawai’i, surfing involves riding the ocean that moves the rider in the direction of the wave. The result is a fun activity that quickly becomes a favorite for the person doing it! And if you don’t know how to surf, there are many schools throughout Hawai’i that will give you a quick lesson on this popular water activity.

Dog: Golden Retriever
Activity: Eating Shave Ice
Popular Spot(s): Matsumoto’s Shave Ice

With the year-long warm weather in Hawai’i, a popular way to cool down is by having some shave ice. The cold treat consists of tiny ice shavings, typically shaped into a ball with sweet flavored syrup. Some places even add additional ingredients to boost the dessert, such as condensed milk or sweet beans (azuki).

Dog: Dalmation
Activity: Horseback Riding
Popular Spot(s): Waimanalo, Parker Ranch

The rich diversity of outdoor activities in Hawai’i also includes the popular activity of horseback riding.  In fact, Hawai’i has its own version of cowboys called Paniolo, who trace their history to the vaquero of California and Mexico. The Paniolo settled and became an important part of the communities that they lived in.

Dog: Border Collie
Activity: Lounging by/in the Pool
Popular Spot(s): Sheraton Waikiki Infinity Pool, Hilton Hawaiian Village Lagoon

Days off in Hawai’i calls for rest and relaxation. A popular activity for many is to rest by or in the pool. Many hotels on Oahu, especially those in Waikiki feature first-class pools that offer a wonderful view of the iconic Diamond Head crater. Our advice? Go early, because you secure your spot!

Dog: Labrador
Activity: Fishing
Popular Spot(s): On a boat, Keauhou Harbor (Big Island), Pokai Bay (Oahu)

The islands lifestyle makes for great fishing opportunities. Whether its on the boat or by the shore, there are many opportunities to catch some of the best fish around the world. Can you guess the long standing food tradition that came as a result of the islands fishing friendly environment?  If you guessed Poke, you’re right!

Dog: Chihuahua
Activity: Hiking
Popular Spot(s): Diamond Head, Kokohead Ridge, Manoa Falls

One of the best ways to appreciate the islands beautiful scenery is by going on a hike. Hawai’i is home to dozens of trails featuring a variety of scenery options that will surely give you a greater appreciation of Hawai’i magnificent environment. And of course, hikes are best when done with friends!

Dog: Dobermen
Activity: Stand-up Paddleboarding
Popular Spot(s): Ala Moana Beach Park, Maunalua Bay, Hale’iwa

Similar to surfing, stand-up paddleboarding offers a unique water activity where you can enjoy playing in the water. And like surfing, it takes a bit of balance and coordination both in balancing yourself and paddling. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll be navigating the water like a pro!

Dog: Pit Bull
Activity: Playing the ‘Ukulele
Popular Spot(s): Anywhere and Everywhere

The ‘ukulele is a four-stringed instrument brought from Portugal and is the official instrument of Hawai’i. Over the years, its sound has become the audio signature of the islands, with fans all over the world. In fact, its signature sound was found on the hit song “The Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars (who is from Hawai’i).

Dog: Husky
Activity: Bike Riding
Popular Spot(s): Pearl Harbor Historic Bike Trail

One of the many family-friendly activities in Hawai’i, bike riding takes on many forms in the islands. There are many who participate for leisure around various parks throughout the state as well as competitively in events such as the Ironman Triathalon held on the Big Island and the Century Ride along the East Side of O’ahu.

Dog: Pug
Activity: Snorkeling
Popular Spot(s): Hanauma Bay

Beneath the water’s surface, there’s a wonderful world life and activity that awaits. Snorkeling brings you into that world where you can see first-hand, colorful fishes, exotic plants, and playful animals come to life. If you’re lucky enough, maybe you’ll be able to swim with next to a honu, or Hawaiian turtle.

Dog: Poodle
Activity: Lei Making
Popular Spot(s): Royal Hawaiian Center, Bishop MuseumYour island visit isn’t complete without getting lei’d. It consists of a group of flowers strung together into a circle and placed around the neck and shoulders of the guest. The lei is the islands signature way of welcoming guests to Hawai’i. Everyone from Elvis Presley to President Barack Obama have been greeted with lei upon arrival to the islands.

Calendars are available at participating L & L locations for a limited time, while supplies last.  Other restrictions may apply.  Call the store nearest you for details and availability or call (808) 951-9888.