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The SPAM® Musubi: An Iconic Hawai‘i Dish

Comprised of a slice of fried and seasoned SPAM®, a block of white rice, and a ribbon of nori (seaweed), this simple and tasty treat is a staple of Hawaiian Island fare. But the SPAM® Musubi is more than just an ʻono snack; it is part of Hawaiʻi’s history. The pink product in a can was introduced to the Islands during World War II, when fresh meat was scarce. As years went on, Hawaiʻi residents created countless ways to utilize SPAM® in their meals, eventually securing SPAM® Musubi’s place in the Aloha State’s diverse culinary landscape.

Mahalo for Celebrating National SPAM® Musubi Day!

We did it! We celebrated Hawaii’s most iconic snack on 8/08, NATIONAL SPAM® MUSUBI DAY!  Whether you redeemed a FREE SPAM® musubi from the official L & L app, bought some musubi for friends & family, bought some merchandise, or celebrated in other ways, we were delighted at the Aloha you shared with us! 

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The History of the SPAM® Musubi

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